Improving the maritime industry through our compliance and environmental solutions.

  • Supporting our customers in their ESG journey
  • Looking after our people 
  • Upholding our values
  • Supporting our communities

Our central purpose is to deliver solutions which improve the transparency, accountability and decarbonisation of global maritime trade. Commitment to all stakeholders and the environment is at the heart of Windward’s mission, vision and product offering. Throughout the year, we have been dedicated to the expansion and execution of effective solutions across the spheres of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) via our product offering and company operations.

Through Windward’s technology, we help our government and commercial customers have the clarity and insight needed to make intelligence-driven decisions that reduce maritime risk, comply with regulations and uphold governance standards. By enabling more informed decision making, Windward can help combat nefarious activities throughout the complex maritime trading ecosystem and support a better global governance framework for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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Environmental sustainability

On January 19, 2022, the Companies (Strategic Report) (Climate-related Financial Disclosure) Regulations 2022 (SI 2022/31) were published which make climate-related financial disclosures mandatory for a UK registered companies with more than 500 employees. 

The CFD Regulations came into force on April 6, 2022 and apply in respect of financial years beginning on or after that date and are aimed to improve and increase reporting of climate-related financial information. 

Although Windward is not formally required to publish CRFD, since it has less than 500 employees and is not a UK registered company, as described herein, the Company continues to assess how it grows its business responsibly and considers all stakeholders in its strategic planning.

Upholding our values

The long-term sustainability of Windward’s business is a primary focus for the Board and, as part of this, the Company continues to assess how it grows its business responsibly and considers all stakeholders in its strategic planning.

As a starting point, Windward has built a strong foundation of values to inform its identity and govern its decision making process, centred on the following pillars: 

Windward is invested in helping its partners achieve their missions through our maritime intelligence platform and will always go the extra mile to get them there.

Windward delivers fully transparent maritime intelligence and insights so its partners can be confident that they are making accurate decisions for their business.

Windward has a proven maritime track record, with a combined experience of 200+ years from naval commanders, maritime data scientists, and maritime trade and shipping leaders.

Windward believes that it can always do better and is continuously upgrading its data and technologies to deliver better, faster, and more powerful Maritime AI solutions for the entire maritime supply chain.

Windward believes it is shaping the future of maritime intelligence by looking over the horizon to identify and build the solutions that organisations will need to stay ahead of the game.

Supporting our communities

We endeavour to have a positive impact on our communities and, as part of this, our support includes:

• Making our platform available free of charge to certain NGOs to support their work, such as the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, a non-profit research organisation reporting on global conflict and transnational security issues.

• Collaborating with universities and bringing on student interns to support employment, skills, training and education within our community.

• Promoting team activities that support local charities, including within an organisation that works to prevent violence against women. Windward has also been involved with a philanthropic fund, Tmura, which seeks to support educational initiatives and youth opportunities, through the issue of the Tmura Warrant which was exercised prior to admission.

Looking after our employees

We are immensely proud of the team we have built and we recognise the ability to recruit and retain staff as a key driver in the evolution of the Company’s success. On this basis, across our four locations, we emphasise on employee wellbeing, training and support. 

We are committed to providing a supportive work environment to our personnel and partners. Windward’s initiatives can be summarised below:

• Communication and inclusion are key tenets of employee engagement, with weekly all-hands Company meetings to share relevant information across the entire Group.

• In practice, Windward works to be an equal opportunity employer and looks to promote from within the organisation through training and staff progression policies. The Company holds management workshops for new managers with personal development plans for employees.

• Windward strives to improve gender diversity, starting at Board level.

• The Company employs a dedicated well-being expert who oversees initiatives to support employees.

• Supporting our team in Ukraine: As of the first day of the invasion, we have been supporting our team in Ukraine, helping three to relocate to Poland and Moldova, as well as supporting the team financially.

Supporting our customers in their ESG journey

Windward’s fundamental values are positioned around promoting better transparency and practices for our customers through better compliance and environmental policies.

Building on the launch of the Data for Decarbonisation Programme in 2021, we launched our Vessel Fuel Consumption API in 2022, as part of our efforts to contribute positively to the reduction of emissions in the maritime industry. The API provides fuel consumption assessments with up to 95% accuracy, on average, per voyage, as well as actionable insights. This enables stakeholders to optimise chartering decisions and manage their carbon footprint, while increasing economic efficiency. We believe the solution will play a significant role in the reduction of fuel consumption by ships and, ultimately, contribute to more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices across the maritime space. 

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