Protecting our world through better compliance and environmental policies

Windward’s central purpose is to make the maritime eco-system a better, more transparent and fairer environment for everyone. We are proud of the role our solutions play in improving the accountability of global maritime trade whilst reducing carbon emissions and protecting ocean resources for the next generation.

Through Windward’s technology, the Company helps its government and commercial customers have the clarity and insight needed to make intelligence-driven decisions that reduce maritime risk, comply with regulations and uphold governance standards.

By enabling more informed decision making, Windward can help combat nefarious activities throughout the complex maritime trading eco-system and support a better global governance framework for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The wide applicability of the Company’s Predictive Intelligence AI platform powered insights provides a valuable tool far beyond security and intelligence to also protecting the environmental resources and making maritime trade more sustainable. One such initiative is the work Windward has done with ocean conservation organisation, Sea Shepherd Global, whereby the Company’s platform is provided on a pro bono basis to support the organisation’s work combatting illegal fishing.

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We believe the launch of our Decarbonization Programme is an important step in supporting the industry’s journey toward net zero.

The solution is aimed at connecting a number of participants across the industry to get a holistic view of emission performance and act as a collaborative enabler to challenge commercial process and curb global emissions.

The aspirations are big: with Windward’s optimal vessel selection product planned for launch in 2022, we believe that the carbon footprint of the shipping industry can be reduced. According to the research paper “Energy efficiency with the application of Virtual Arrival policy” (Jia et al., 2017), by optimising the vessels’ selection process, charterers will be able to reduce carbon emissions per voyage by 5 to 12 per cent. The data collected as part to the Data for Decarbonization program will power Windward’s models and allow the release of the product as planned.

Upholding our values

The long-term sustainability of our business is a primary focus for the Board and as part of this, the Company continues to assess how it grows its business responsibly and consider all stakeholders in its strategic planning. As a starting point, Windward has built a strong foundation of values to inform its identity and govern its decision-making process, centred on the following pillars:

We are invested in helping our partners achieve their missions through our maritime intelligence platform and will always go the extra mile to get them there.

We deliver fully transparent maritime intelligence and insights so our partners can be confident that they are making accurate decisions for their business.

We have a proven maritime track record, with a combined experience of 200+ years from naval commanders, maritime data scientists, and maritime trade and shipping leaders.

We believe that we can always do better and are continuously upgrading our data and technologies to deliver better, faster, and more powerful maritime AI solutions for the entire maritime supply chain.

We believe we are shaping the future of maritime intelligence by looking over the horizon to identify and build the solutions that organisations will need to stay ahead of the game

Supporting our communities

We endeavour to have a positive impact on our communities and as part of this the Company’s priorities include:

  • Making our platform available free of charge to certain NGOs to support their work, such as the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, a non-profit research organisation reporting on global conflict and transnational security issues. 
  • Collaborating with universities and bringing on student interns to support employment, skills, training and education within our community. 
  • The Company promotes team activities that support local charities, including within an organisation that works to prevent violence against women. The Company has also been involved with a philanthropic fund, Tmura, which seeks to support educational initiatives and youth opportunities, through the issue of the Tmura Warrant.

Looking after our employees

We are committed to providing a supportive work environment to its personnel and its partners. Windward’s initiatives can be summarised below:

  • Communication and inclusion are key tenants of employee engagement, with weekly all hands Company meetings to share relevant information across the entire Group.
  • In practice, Windward works to be an equal opportunity employer and look to promote from within the organisation through training and staff progression policies. The Company holds management workshops for new managers with personal development plans for employees. 
  • Windward strives to improve gender diversity, starting at Board level. 
  • The Company employs a dedicated well-being expert who oversees initiatives to support employee mental health

Ensuring robust standards

Windward strives to be its customers’ most trusted partner. To adhere to that responsibility, the Company set in place proper information security policies, including being ISO 27001 certified.

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