Windward’s key objective is to provide real-time behavioural insights and actionable recommendations, designed to meet its customers’ needs, ranging from compliance and safety to security, operations and environmental risks.

By leveraging Windward’s maritime domain expertise, augmented by AI and machine learning, Windward’s Predictive Intelligence Platform fuses multiple sources to go beyond data and automatic identification system transmissions, unlocking dynamic insights into a vessel’s ownership, cargo, and behaviours.

Windward has built a high-quality AI-driven insights engine, by:

  • Gathering data on a vessel, its ownership and its cargo from a breadth of sources
  • Creating analysis tools to bring to the surface the context and meaning of the data 
  • Providing decision support recommendations and insights for a multitude of use-cases
  • Delivering all through an efficient and easy to use user experience (“UX”) and application programming interfaces (“API”)

The platform’s solution include

Using machine learning models to rate the propensity of vessels to be involved in illicit activity and providing deep dive investigative capabilities to get to the bottom of it and achieve maritime domain awareness.

Using behavioural data to predict the propensity of vessels having various types of safety events (e.g., collision, grounding, mechanical breakdown etc.) as well as the bottom line safety risk score

Go / no go recommendations for optimising operations and minimising regulatory risks.

Windward’s solutions and insights for the environment are expected to be launched in 2022 and will support forward-looking decisions by creating an accurate global view of the CO2 footprint of vessels and voyages, based on vessels’ actual operations.

In the current ocean freight environment, we believe that the cargo’s beneficial owners and their representatives, the freight forwarders, are often the last to know if there is any delay or change in itinerary of their freight. Expected to launch in 2022, Windward’s Ocean Freight Visibility solution is focussed on changing that, by providing predictions on any such changes, allowing cargo owners and freight forwarders to prepare for changes, communicate properly to their customers – and ultimately improve their planning.

Key Strengths

  • Cutting edge AI technology
  • Proven data capabilities
  • Significant Total Addressable Market
  • Strong fundamental industry drivers
  • Strong financial track record with high levels of recurring revenue
  • Registered US patent
  • Strong and growing globally spread customer base
  • Breadth of solutions
  • Experienced management team